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Herb Planters

Herb Planters 

Perfect for planting herbs and small veg and fruit, these herb planters come in wood, polyresin and plastic varieties, from simple wall hanging cleverness all the way to freestanding vegtrugs.

Growing your own herbs couldn’t be easier with our collection of herb planters at Primrose. Herb planters are specifically designed to support the healthy growth of herbs either indoors or in your garden. While herbs have a few requirements to grow, this doesn’t mean that the style of herb planter you can use is limited. 

We offer a broad range of herb planters spanning from more decorative designs to practical herb planters that help your herbs to thrive. If you’re looking to grow your own, browse our full range of pots and planters here at Primrose.

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  • What type of planter is best for herbs?

    Herbs aren’t particularly fussy plants meaning they will grow in almost any type of pot or planter. However, herb planters are designed for optimum growth. 

    Ideally, a herb planter should be a minimum of six inches in diameter to allow a single herb plant to spread. Our herb planters range from single pots of such size, to much larger planters designed to accommodate multiple herbs.

  • Do herb planters need drainage holes?

    Drainage is an essential part of successfully growing herbs. All herbs can suffer from root problems such as rot if not properly trained. Herbs require fast-draining soil that feels a little coarse to the touch – this means that plenty of air can get to the roots as well as water. Our herb planters have drainage holes to allow your herbs to thrive.

  • What is the easiest herb to grow in a planter?

    Herbs of any kind can be grown in a herb planter, but if you’re just starting out you may be wondering which are the easiest herbs to grow. Many of these herbs are popular kitchen ingredients, making them a practical choice too.

    • Mint
    • Sage
    • Parsley
    • Coriander
    • Basil
    • Chives
    • Oregano
    • Thyme
    • Dill

    For more inspiration, browse our full grow your own collection which includes grow kits and plant pots to encourage your plants to thrive at home.