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Trough Planters

Trough Planters 

Troughs without a farm animal in sight (unless you've got some seriously rural planting to do), these are excellent for planting lots of flowering plants together while keeping them contained. Whether on the ground or on a wall, trough planters can add some verticality to your planting. Use different sizes to create some eye-catching border effects in your garden!

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Trough Planter FAQs

  • What grows in trough planters?

    Trough planters are a fantastic way to display multiple plants and easily create a feature or border in your garden.

    But what plants can you grow in trough planters? While it’s perfectly possible to grow flowers in a trough, they’re perfectly sized to host small plants that wouldn’t display as well in a smaller plant pot. Gather perennials, annuals and succulents alongside plants that bloom in beautiful colours to create a stunning trough planter for your garden. 

  • What is a trough planter used for?

    Similar to window boxes, troughs are excellent for displaying different groups of flowering plants with their longest side often placed against a wall.

    As they can be very large, and sometimes deep, it is possible to create an array of artistic effects. One can plant larger, upright or climbing plants towards the back, providing a great backdrop to the smaller plants in front. One can plant two larger plants around another, drawing the eye towards the centre. In some, one can even plant trees that are perfect for lining paths.

    Plant troughs look great together and are often spread apart evenly when lining walls or paths. They can be placed in borders, providing a great visual stimulus in comparison to dirt. Sometimes troughs are placed on stands that can add verticality to the garden.

  • What trough planters do Primrose have for sale?

    Primrose offers a huge range of troughs in an array of sizes, shapes, materials, colours, finishes and designs – anything you could require for your unique outdoor space. We even offer special plant troughs such as those with trellises, tapered and curved edges, Versailles style downpipes, and raised planters.

    Simply choose the size and style to suit your garden and enjoy the versatility of trough planting. Browse our full range of garden planters to add more variety to your garden.