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Vegetable Trugs

Vegetable Trugs are the ideal solution to grow plants and vegetable plants in a limited space and at a raised height. This prevents you from bending and having to adjust your posture – ideal for eager gardeners who are looking for comfort. Vegetable Trugs are also excellent for wheelchair access as well as children who can stand, all the while keeping slugs and pests at bay. Already supplied with a liner, these growers maintain soil health and allow aeration.

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9 Items

  • Which vegetables grow in VegTrugs?

    VegTrugs are essentially raised beds on legs. You can grow whatever you want in yours, however, you should make use of the benefits that come with these products – what makes the VegTrug unique is the V-shaped bottom and shallow edges.

    Strawberries are a great option as growing them a few feet off the ground makes it easy to pick ripe fruit that hasn't been nibbled at by slugs. Carrots and radishes can thrive well in a VegTrug as well as herbs that don't need a lot of space.

    Fillings yours with fresh soil so eliminates stones, parasites, and worms while being rich in nutrients for your budding plants.

  • How much can you plant in VegTrug?

    Divide yours into 1 square foot portions and plant densely in each one – depending on what you are growing. For example, you could grow 16 radishes or carrots, but you can only grow 1 broccoli or lettuce plant.

    If you plan properly, you could yield a pretty impressive harvest with your raised bed on legs.

  • How much compost do I need to fill a VegTrug?

    The original sized VegTrug is a 1.8m long planter – for this size, you’d need 420L compost. The mini needs 180L whereas the small size needs 210L soil.

  • Do you need drainage holes in a VegTrug?

    No, you don’t. Unlike other planters, when filled with soil the VegTrug is designed for the parts to lock together when the weight of the soil weighs it down.

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