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Wood Planters

Wood Planters 

Wood planters remain popular due to their gorgeous natural tones and ease of customisation. Available in more timbers than ever before, wooden planters can be divided into hardwood and softwood. Hardwood, notable for its decay resistance, can last up to 40 years though the timber grows slowly. Softwoods, fast-growing and light, are available at a lower cost. You're not even limited to natural colours - check out our black and grey silver options!

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Wood Planter Frequently asked questions

Planters is a generic name for any container designed to hold plants. Wood planters, as the name suggests, are made of either softwood or hardwood. Hardwood is more expensive but naturally resistant to decay, while softwoods are cheaper and have to be treated to resist rot. Look out for the term 'pressure-treated' relating to if the timber will be resistant to rot.

At Primrose we have hundreds of ways of housing your plants, in any shape, material or colour you desire. Whether you're looking for a traditional design for your garden or something more unique to create a focal point within your home, there's plenty to choose from.

But with all this choice, here’s a handy guide to help you decide which one is right for you.

Location, Location, Location

Are you looking to plant your flowers inside or outside? We have some lovely window boxes to help you grow fresh herbs in your kitchen. You can even personalise them with your own message! For your garden, we sell a wide range of wooden planters to house your growing plants. If you’d like to instantly brighten up your patio, have a look at our range of coloured wood planters.

A Design for Life

A great container for your flora can bring real style and character to your garden. How about an urn for that rustic feel, or perhaps a flared planter to bring a touch of class to your decking, patio or conservatory? To really be the talk of your friends, you might want to consider one of our water feature planters - and don’t forget to check out our range of plants if you’re stuck for something to put in them!

Pond in a Pot

One of the products we’re most proud of at Primrose is our innovative Pond in a Pot. These stylish fibreglass planters come in a range of colours and complete with plants ready to grow. Whatever the size of your garden space, you can now have an instantly gorgeous pond to show off. Designed by the award winning Anglo Aquatics exclusively for Primrose, become the envy of your neighbourhood with a Pond in a Pot!

This depends on if your wooden planter is made from softwood or hardwood. Hardwood planters require less maintenance as their timber is more resistant by design. Softwood planters may need treating if they aren't supplied treated, as well as a yearly top-up of oils to keep them looking their finest. Wood treatment oils are available at your local hardware shop.

A lot of hardwood planters will be guaranteed in excess of 10 years against rot and decay, but you can still paint and treat them if you wish. Just be sure to use a treatment that matches the wood the timber is made from.

You can calculate how much compost you need for any planter by measuring its width, height and depth in cm and then dividing by 1000 to get the volume in litres. If the planter is not a square or a rectangle, simply approximate its dimensions. Compost is usually sold in litres, but you will likely need less than the total volume of the planter as you can mix it with garden soil. Do not compress the resultant mix as loose aerated soil produces the optimal conditions for plant growth.