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Honeysuckle Plants

Honeysuckle Plants

Honeysuckle plants are relished by gardeners (and passers by) for their abundant, sweetly scented blooms, so are a must have for every garden. With a climbing habit, Honeysuckle plants are wonderful for ornamenting the back of your garden or other structures such as pergolas with their nectar rich flowers and twining greenery.

Interestingly, the honey-like fragrance will be more apparent in the evenings - this is due moths being the most prevalent pollinator of this plant! So with the addition of a Lonicera, nightly strolls around your garden will soon become a favoured pastime.

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Honeysuckle FAQs

  • Where is the best place to plant honeysuckle?

    Honeysuckle needs a sturdy frame to grow up, so planting it near a wall, trellis or garden structure is the best place to allow it to thrive. The soil should be well-drained but moist, and if you can find a spot where the honeysuckle will be partially shaded – roots in the shade, stems in the sun – it will grow healthily.

  • How to care for honeysuckle plants

    Honeysuckle plants need to stay well-watered. During summer, make sure that you water the base to make sure that the plant doesn’t dry out, and even during rainy spells it’s worth checking the soil as the area near the root may be sheltered from natural rainfall.

  • What are the pros and cons of honeysuckle?

    One of the biggest benefits of a honeysuckle plant is the beautiful flowers and their fragrant scent. They’re hardy, meaning they don’t require a lot of maintenance to thrive. The downside of this is that honeysuckle is known as quite an invasive plant – it will grow and spread wherever you’ll let it, and may choke plants growing near it. Choose the right spot and you won’t have any trouble from your honeysuckle, though. Discover even more beautiful climbing plants here at Primrose.