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Wisteria Plants

Wisteria Plants

Often seen adorning country homes with their pendulous lilac blooms, Wisteria plants are excellent for quickly covering structures with enchanting floral interest. These abundant flowers excude a delightful fragrance which can range from sweet to musky - examples include Wisteria brachybotrys 'Okayama', noted for its powerful sweet scent, and Wisteria floribunda 'Alba' which has more gentle fragrance. At Primrose, we recommend using sinensis for walls, and floribunda for pergolas. This is due to their differently sized racemes. 

Choose by Species

Wisteria Brachybotrys 

The Brachybotrys is highly scented and provides an elegant display of large, dense foliage. It can grow to become heavy and is best supported against trellises, fences or pergolas. 

Wisteria Sinensis

This deciduous cultivar is suitable for walls due to its shorter racemes. Prized for its sweet fragrance and ostentatious display, the Wisteria Sinensis turns any surface into a piece of art. 

Wisteria Floribunda

Floribunda have the longest racemes of all the species, which cascade down into pendulous foliage. They are best hanging free on a pergola, unobstructed by surrounding branches.  

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Wisteria Plants FAQs

  • Where is the best place to plant wisteria?

    Wisteria is a climbing plant, so it’s important to place it near a structure that will be able to support its weight such as a pergola or a house.

    Make sure that you plant your wisteria in fertile, well-drained soil and try to find a spot that places the wisteria in full sun. South or west facing walls, pergolas or trellises are the best spots for wisteria to thrive. Wisteria can get very heavy, and require strong supporting structures.

  • How long does wisteria take to grow?

    When grown from seed, wisteria can take over 20 years to flower, so if you want to reap more immediate benefits we recommend investing in a fully grown wisteria plant. 

    Once wisteria flowers, it’s a vigorous grower that can grow by as much as 10 feet in one year – so be prepared to keep on top of it with frequent maintenance!

    So yes, you are correct, wisteria grown from seed takes forever to flower. Hence, you should have a grafted plant that will flower in a few years. All of Primrose's wisteria are grafted, which is good to highlight.

  • Can wisteria damage your house?

    If you’re growing wisteria up a wall of your house, it will naturally look for any available support. Providing wire support will prevent the wisteria from growing around any drain pipes or aerials and from intruding on any windows or gaps in your roof.

  • Is wisteria poisonous to dogs?

    Be mindful if you have pets as wisteria is a poisonous plant. While it’s only mildly poisonous to humans, it can be even more so for cats and dogs so take this into consideration when planting wisteria in your garden.

    Discover even more climbing plants here at Primrose to beautify your outdoor space. Don’t forget to browse our complete range of plants online to find the perfect addition to your garden, delivered to your door from our UK nurseries.

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