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Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants

Browse our handpicked selection of sweetly-scented fast-growing climbing plants, perfect for covering up ugly buildings and attracting pollinators to your garden.

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Our Favourite Fast-Growing Climbing Plants

Wishing to quickly conceal an unsightly wall or fence in your garden? Then the addition of a fast-growing climber might be the perfect solution!

Pot-Perfect Climbing Plants

We also have many wonderful climbers that are excellent for growing in a pot - these include varieties of Clematis and Jasmine. Why not have a read?

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  1. PL800718L__main_image
    Star Jasmine | Trachelospermum jasminoides
    From £28.99
  2. Winter Jasmine | Jasminium Nudiflorum
    Winter Jasmine | Jasminium Nudiflorum
    From £64.99
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2 Items