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Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

As a fruit tree specialist, we know a thing or two about growing your own. With over 500 fruiting trees and soft fruit plants to choose from, it doesn't matter if you're planting an orchard or merely a corner in your garden; you can have a productive patch up and growing in no time at all!

We work with the country's best fruit tree growers to bring you the best quality trees, quickly, well packaged, and importantly at a great price. 

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Unsure if you have sufficient sunlight for fruit? Try these versatile varieties

Classic fruit tree varieties on dwarfing rootstocks, perfect for pots

Pack multiple varieties into a small space with our cordon trees

The most vigorous rootstock ideal for first time growers and perfect for espalieer and fan training

Popular Fruit Trees

Your Questions Answered

How to choose the perfect Apple Tree

With so many apple tree varieties available, you may not know where to begin! But our easy to follow guide will quickly help you identify your perfect specimen.

Find Your Apple Tree

How to grow a Fruit Tree

Growing your own fruit trees is a fascinating part of gardening, but terms like 'pollination partner' and 'rootstock' can seem a little baffling. But luckily, our guide simplifies all of these important parts of growing fruit trees!

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  1. TR0005__main_image
    Malus 'Blenheim Orange' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  2. TR0002__main_image
    Malus 'Bramleys Seedling' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  3. TR0045__main_image
    Malus 'Coxs Orange Pippin Self Fertile' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  4. TR1252__main_image
    Malus 'Discovery' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  5. TR0004__main_image
    Malus 'Howgate Wonder' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  6. TR0369__main_image
    Malus 'James Grieve' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  7. TR0264__main_image
    Malus 'Jonagold' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  8. TR0268__main_image
    Malus 'Pinova' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  9. TR0065__main_image
    Malus 'Pixie' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  10. TR0022__main_image
    Malus 'Red Devil' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  11. TR0067__main_image
    Malus 'Red Ellison' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  12. TR0272__main_image
    Malus 'Rubinette' | Apple Tree
    From £34.99
  13. TR1128__main_image
    Malus 'Scrumptious' | Apple Tree
    From £37.99
  14. TR0421__main_image
    Prunus 'Flavorcot' | Apricot Tree
    From £49.99
  15. TR0122__main_image
    Prunus 'Tomcot' | Apricot Tree
    From £44.99
  16. TR0111BR__main_image
    Prunus 'Kordia' | Cherry Fruit Tree
    From £34.99
  17. TR0041__main_image
    Prunus 'Victoria' | Plum Tree
    From £34.99
  18. TR04014_5L__main_image
    Prunus dulcis 'Robijn' | Almond Tree
    From £49.99
  19. TR0478__main_image
    Prunus dulcis 'Sultane' | Almond Tree
    From £39.99
  20. TR1064__main_image
    Pyrus 'Concorde' | Pear Tree
    From £34.99
  21. TR0082BR__main_image
    Pyrus 'Conference' | Pear Tree
    From £34.99
  22. TR0441__main_image
    Pyrus 'Doyenne Du Comice' | Pear Tree
    From £34.99
  23. Malus 'Beauty Of Bath' | Apple Tree
    Malus 'Beauty Of Bath' | Apple Tree
    From £49.99
  24. TR0043__main_image
    Braeburn' Apple Tree
    From £34.99
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Items 1-24 of 25

  • What are the easiest fruit trees?

    There are many fruit trees that will thrive in a garden in the UK. Choosing your selection wisely can help you in cultivating the tastiest and most succulent fruit grown in your own garden. If you're looking for low maintenance fruit trees, you should plant:

    Who knows, after plenty of practice with these easier options, you might want a challenge with a harder tree to care for.

  • When to plant fruit trees

    Fruit trees produce fruit annually and are often harvested in late fall. Because of this, the best time of the year to plant your fruit tree is in early spring. Containerised fruit trees can be planted all year round, but avoid when your soil is hard and dry – moist soil is ideal for the tree to become established and grow well.

  • When to prune fruit trees

    As a general rule of thumb, you should prune your fruit trees when they are dormant and before any new growth starts. Winter or early spring is the best time of the year to prune.

    Pruning your fruit tree can help train it and keep it in an attractive shape. When doing so, you will remove any dead or diseased branches to stop them from being an energy drain as well as keeping them looking healthy and in good shape.

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