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Grow Kits

Plant Grow Kits

An amazing array of Grow Your Own Gift Kits including, Kitchen Herb Garden, Xtreme Chilli, Juicy Berries and even Aromatic Teas. All come in a beautifully presented gift box with combinations of seeds specially chosen for variety. These gift sets will make a great present for your friends and loved ones.

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Grow your own FAQs

  • Do chilli plants grow back every year?

    Chilli pepper plants are short-lived perennials, so they last around two years, giving you fresh chillies each year. However, many gardeners choose to grow them annually as it can be difficult to keep your chilli plant alive in the UK's colder temperatures. So, if your chilli plant doesn't survive the winter months, it won't produce more chillies the year after, so you'd need to invest in a new plant.

  • How do I take care of my chilli plant?

    Take care of your chilli plant by leaving it inside your greenhouse or beside a warm window in your home. Anywhere that's warm and sheltered is best - but as a result, chilli pepper plants can also get quite dry, so make sure to water your plants frequently.
  • When can I harvest my chillies?

    Your home-grown chillies should be ready to pick in the late summer, although this changes for different varieties. Some chilli plants are ready to be harvested when the chillies are green, while others you should wait until they turn red, depending on the flavour you want.
  • What types of chillies are available?

    We have a wide choice of chilli pepper plants, featuring Scotch Bonnets, Habaneros, Firecrackers, Cherry Bombs, Birds Eye chillies and more. Whatever level of spice you like in your cooking, we're sure to have the right plant for you.

    Shop all our chilli plants today and find great prices with Primrose. You can normally order chillies in the months of spring, ready to grow immediately. Why not check out all ourvegetable plants, withseeds,bulbs,plug plants and more ways to grow your own?