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Hedging Plants

Hedging Plants

Create a stylish but practical boundary in your garden with our fantastic range of hedge plants. Whether you're looking to create a privacy screen or fence with your hedge plant or simply create beautiful blooming borders in your outdoor space, you can find the perfect hedging plants at Primrose.

From topiary hedges and evergreen hedging to floral options like roses and viburnum, we have a wide choice of hedging for your garden. Don't forget to browse our complete collection of plants online to find more flowers and shrubs at great prices.

Featured Species

Drought and frost resistant. A high growing, flowering hedge.

Well-liked for its range of colours as a deciduous hedge.

A hardy red shrub, that is friendly to bees and insects.

A flowering and fruiting hedge that will attract wildlife to your garden.

A tall thin hedging plant which thrives in full sun.

The quickest growing hedge. With bushy branches that make a good habitat for birds

A smaller hedging plant with slow growth for minimal upkeep

A hardy flowering hedge that will keeps its glossy, green leaves year round.

A semi-evergeen hedge with a high resistance to pollution

Thrives in the wet and damp, its a hardy plant with long thin stems.

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Popular Categories

Fast growing hedging can be a cheaper and quick way to establish a screen in your garden.

Screening hedges are fast growing. Good for blocking out noise and pollution.

Native hedging is a fantastic way of encouraging birds and bees into your garden.

Topiary hedging includes both privet and box hedging plants. 

Some hedges can make great habitats for a variety of wildlife including birds, hedgehogs and insects.

Berry hedges are fantastic for charming birds and can add some additional colour to your garden.

Hedges don't have to be green! Some of our more exotic colours include yellow, purple and red. 

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the optimal time to plant a hedge? How far apart should you plant a hedge? What hedge should you get for a small garden?

Check our blog post for your all questions here. 

How should you look after your hedge?

When should you water your hedge and how often? Caring for your hedge is critical to growing healthy, disease-free plants. 

Find out more with these 11 tips for hedge maintenance. 

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