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House Plants

House Plants

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Welcome the joy of gardening indoors with our wonderful range of house plants. Grown with you in mind, we’ve selected the best indoor plants for enriching your home. Bringing more greenery inside helps purify the air, add a natural flourish to your living space, and introduces that sense of calm too. From tall Monsteras to the iconic Aloe Vera, finding your perfect house plant starts here.

And if you want to do things a little different, grab yourself a house plant plug. You can nurture it your way from the start and save some money, but it'll arrive small!

Mix and match and grow a house plant all your own!

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  1. P10000P2__main_image
    Monstera deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Plant
    From £17.99
  2. P10001P2__main_image
    Monstera adansonii | Monkey Leaf Monstera
    From £39.99
  3. PL92361P__main_image
    Dragon Tree | Dracaena marginata
    From £46.98
  4. Yucca Elephantipes | Spineless Yucca
    Yucca Elephantipes | Spineless Yucca
    From £18.99
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15 Items