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All Cherry Blossom Trees

All Cherry Blossom Trees

If you’re looking to add the wow factor to your garden, a cherry blossom tree could help do just that. Available now from Primrose, the beautiful pink blooms of this iconic Japanese tree will add just enough colour to your garden.

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More Cherry Blossom FAQs

  • What is a cherry blossom tree?

    Cherry blossom trees are an ornamental tree originating from Japan. In fact, the tree is Japan’s national flower.

    The tree is renowned for its beauty and is grown mainly for its flowers, as the fruit is not suitable for humans. You can easily distinguish a cherry blossom tree thanks to its bountiful flowers, which are usually white and pink.

  • What kind of cherry tree has pink flowers?

    There are many variations of cherry tree and each one is very beautiful. Perhaps one of the best loved varieties is the Sakura Tree, which has pink flowers.

    Each cultivar is different, so you may see alterations in the shade of pink and the shape and formation of the flowers. In our range, you’ll find a host of options, including stunning weeping blossom trees.

  • Are cherry blossom trees pink all year round?

    Cherry blossom trees are actually only pink for a short window in the year. Each individual tree may only bloom for around a week per year. For this reason, the blooms are seen as a symbol of spring, renewal and the fleeting nature of life.
  • Growing your own cherry blossom tree

    If you’re ready to purchase a cherry blossom tree for your own garden, first make sure you have enough outdoor space. In optimal conditions, cherry blossom trees can grow between 20 and 40 feet, with a 15-30ft canopy, so you’ll need to have a spacious garden to avoid it taking up too much room.

    Once you’re certain you have enough space, purchase your cherry blossom tree from Primrose. For more choice, take a look at our full range ofcherry blossom trees andornamental plants available online.
  • What are white cherry blossom trees called?

    No, it’s not a trick question. While widely referred to as white cherry blossom trees here in the UK, the true name of the white cherry blossom tree is Prunus ‘Tai-Haku. Originating in Japan, the white cherry blossom tree is one of hundreds of cherry blossom tree varieties that range from white to pink and even yellow.
  • How tall do white cherry blossom trees grow?

    The full height of a white cherry blossom tree will depend on the exact variety you choose. As you browse our selection, you’ll see that we’ve included approximate heights that vary from dwarf white cherry blossom trees that reach around 1ft to fully grown white cherry blossom trees that reach around 7ft in height.

    Make sure you also take the time to understand how wide the tree may spread, as this will dictate whether it’s suitable for your outdoor space!

  • When do white cherry blossom trees bloom?

    White cherry blossom trees should be considered a rare treat – they bloom right at the end of winter and beginning of spring and this bloom may last as little as two weeks. However, cherry blossom season is generally considered to be around one month and you can expect this to occur in early March to early April.

    Our white cherry blossoms are one of manyornamental trees available at Primrose – fill your garden to make sure you can enjoy a variety of blooms all year long.

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