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If you’re looking for a lush green evergreen tree for your garden, conifers will make the perfect addition. Known for producing cones and their unique, spine-like leaves, large conifers can create a cosy, forest-like atmosphere in your garden, while dwarf conifers can brighten up smaller spaces with their long-lasting greenery.

Easily grown in full sun, conifers are a popular tree available in a wide range of varieties. Choose from columnar and pyramidal conifers for a classic tree shape, or spreading and round conifers for coverage lower to the ground. Discover even more common garden plants here at Primrose. 

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  • What is a conifer?

    Conifer trees are evergreen trees that produce cones and needle-like leaves. They are a softwood tree popular for producing lush greenery in gardens. Conifer quite literally translates as “cone bearer” – while the cones won’t be produced all year round, the leaves and needles of the tree should remain throughout the seasons for consistent greenery.
  • Where do conifers grow best?

    Most varieties of conifer will thrive in full sun so try to find a spot that remains exposed to sunlight for the majority of the day. The soil should be slightly acidic and well-drained and the tree will only need watering during a long period without rain. Signs of dehydration include a lightening of the plant colour or the interior needles turning brown.
  • Is a conifer a shrub?

    Conifers, particularly dwarf conifers, are often mistaken for shrubs because of their unusual appearance. Conifers are trees, but instead of branches with traditional looking leaves, conifer branches will be covered in needle-like spines or leaves that resemble scales. Discover large conifers and more in our full range of common garden plants here at Primrose.