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Crabapple Trees

Crabapple Trees

Doubling up as an ornamental and fruit tree, crabapple trees add unmatched value to any garden, with stunning blossom in the spring, and goblet shaped fruits in the winter, which can be made in various culinary desserts. If that wasn't enough they are the best pollinator of apples and will do much to attract wildlife to your garden.

Primrose Picks

Versatile crabapple ideal for pollinating apples and with long lasting ornamental fruits.

White blossom crabapple, notable for its large edible fruit.

Producer of extremly long lasting ruby-red jewel fruits.

Floriferous crabapple ideal for marking the start of spring in style.

Simply stunning dark leaved ornamental crabapple. Not to be missed.

Another floriferous crabappple that will produce red fruits come autumn. 

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Additional Information

  • What are crab apple trees?

    Crab apple varieties are found all throughout the northern hemisphere, and have been prized as ornamental trees by the Japanese for over a thousand years.
  • Are crab apples edible?

    Despite their breathtaking blossom and attractive, colourful fruits, crab apples are not edible straight off the tree, and form part of a harmful 10th-century pagan enchantment called the Nine Herbs Charm.
  • Where is best to plant my crab apple tree?

    Crab apples flourish best in full sunlight, and are extremely cold-tolerant.
  • Primrose Crabapples

    We provide only the highest quality crab apples in large pots, ready to be planted straight into your garden.
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