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Cypress Trees

Cypress Trees

An evergreen coniferous tree, cypress trees are North American natives that grow quickly and add a brilliant dimension to your landscape. Perfect to place at either side of doorways, gates, and porches, these tough and hardy trees grow quickly and are a great attraction and are a good choice for topiary. Easy to grow and resilient against wet and dry land, the cypress tree is certain to make a beautiful ornamental piece in any garden.

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  • How quickly do cypress trees grow?

    When cared for properly, you can expect your cypress tree to grow at a rate of around three to four feet per year when they're younger. They can reach heights ranging from 50 to 80 feet.

  • Where do cypress trees grow best?

    To get the most out of your cypress tree, you should plant it in a location that gets full sun for at least eight hours of the day. They can do well in partial shade however make sure it gets the amount of sunlight it needs per day. You don’t need to worry about rich soil – as long as it is moist and well-drained you can be sure your tree will grow fabulously.

    Established trees can tolerate wet conditions and drought. However, during the first summer after planting you should make sure you water it once a week especially if it isn’t raining.

  • Are cypress trees low maintenance?

    Indeed they are. Cypress trees are known for being low maintenance and resilient. You only need to prune if you want to limit its height and cut it into certain shapes for decoration.