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Rowan Trees

Rowan Trees

Native to the UK, the rowan tree is the best tree you can plant to support wildlife. Its berries are effective at attracting birds, so it is a great choice if you want your garden to be full of wildlife.

Rowan trees possess a wonderful shape and gorgeous pinnate leaves so will provide a brilliant aesthetic to your outside area all year round. Browse our selection of ornamental trees, including Acer trees and Robinia trees.

Primrose Picks

Our wildlife attracting native rowan ideal for multi-season interest.

Yellow berried rowan with spectacular autumn colour.

Pink berried rowan with blueish green leaves.

Highly serrated rowan with bright red berries.

Compact aucuparia ideal for small gardens and urban planting.

Stunning new dwarf rowan ideal for small gardens.

Your Questions Answered

What's the best tree for attracting wildlife?

Different species offer varying levels of wildlife support. Just how ideal are Rowan trees at supporting wildlife?

Read all about it in our blog post. 

What are the differences in Rowan tree cultivars?

Rowan trees produce brightly coloured berries in autumn and winter and are typically distinguishable by their pinnate leaves. However, there are even more differences between various cultivars. 

Find out more about Rowan trees in this guide.  

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  1. TR019712L__main_image
    Sorbus aria 'Lutescens' | Rowan Tree
    From £49.99
  2. TR02049L__main_image
    Sorbus vilmorinii | Rowan Tree
    From £49.99
  3. TR02039L__main_image
    Sorbus 'Joseph Rock' | Rowan Tree
    From £49.99
  4. TR020212L__main_image
    Sorbus hupehensis 'Pink Pagoda' | Rowan Tree
    From £49.99
  5. TR0200BR__main_image
    Sorbus cashmiriana | Rowan Tree
    From £49.99
  6. TR87608__main_image
    Sorbus 'Autumn Spire' | Rowan Tree
    From £49.99
  7. TR0201BR__main_image
    Sorbus aucuparia 'Chinese Lace' | Rowan Tree
    From £49.99
  8. TR0199BR__main_image
    Sorbus aucuparia 'Asplenifolia' | Rowan Tree
    From £64.99
  9. TR1231__main_image
    Sorbus aucuparia | Rowan Tree
    From £39.99
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