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Delphinium Plants

Delphinium Plants

A staple perennial for the cottage garden (although we believe every garden deserves one), Delphinium plants are a sight to behold with their tall stalks which are laden with double or single flowers. From true blue to dusky pink, Delphinium plants can be purchased in a myriad of appealing colours - one of our favourites is 'Faust', which sports vivid blue flowers with dark eyes, and can even exceed six feet in height too!

Choose your favourite from our great range of delphiniums or find more bedding plants and ornamental shrubs online.


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  1. Delphinium 'Magic Fountain Pure White'
    Delphinium 'Magic Fountain Pure White'
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  • Do delphiniums come back every year?

    Yes, delphiniums are perennial plants and therefore will come back every year.

    To maintain your delphinium plants and keep them growing back year after year, it's recommended that you stake each one. Delphiniums can be quite top-heavy and have brittle stems, so need to be supported and protected from strong winds.
  • Where do delphinium plants grow best?

    Choose a sunny spot to grow your delphiniums, ensuring they are planted in moist soil which won't get too waterlogged.

  • Do delphiniums multiply?

    Delphinium plants can grow tall and spread quickly, often doubling in size after one year. To save money, you can divide your delphiniums into separate plants for a beautifully blooming garden.

  • Are delphinium plants toxic?

    While they are beautiful to look at, delphiniums contain chemicals and can be toxic to animals and humans. Always keep pets such as dogs away from your delphinium plants. It's also recommended that you wear protective gloves when planting and caring for your delphiniums.

  • Find stunning delphinium plants in a choice of colours

    Whether you're looking for a classic deep purple delphinium, a beautiful rich blue or a stunning pastel pink, we have a fantastic range of colours to choose from. Why not choose a mix of different delphiniums for a garden display that will really wow?

    Don't forget to see our complete collection of plants to find even more ways to adorn your growing garden, always at affordable prices when you shop with Primrose.