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Here at Primrose we want to make it easy for you to create a garden that does the hard work for you. Our collection of trellises includes a range of trellis supports that allow you to easily grow climbing plants. A trellis is also useful for supporting plants, fruit and vegetables, as well as creating fencing and dividers around your garden.

Whether you’re using your garden for green fingered pursuits or creating a beautiful vista, our trellis options at Primrose are sure to support your needs.

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  1. Black Bamboo Expandable Fencing Screening Trellis - By Papillon™
    Black Bamboo Expandable Fencing Screening Trellis - By Papillon™
    From £24.99
  2. PP3439__main_image
    York Wooden Trellis Planter
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  3. DF15168__main_image
    2.29m Extra Wide Garden Arch
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  4. DF9365__main_image
    H91cm x W38cm Fan Pot Metal Trellis in Green
    Special Price £5.99 Original £6.99 You save 14%
  5. PP2604__main_image
    1.9m Wooden Obelisk in Sage - by Smart Garden
    Special Price £44.99 Original £52.99 You save 15%
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Items 1-24 of 48


  • What are trellises used for?

    One of the most popular uses for trellis is to support climbing plants. If you love the appearance of plants such as honeysuckle and clematis, a trellis will ensure that the growth of the plant is properly supported and give it something to grow around that won’t cause damage to your walls or fences.

    Similarly, trellis planters can be used for fruit and vegetable patches. If you’re growing tall plants such as sweet peas, runner beans and even grapes, a well-placed trellis will support that healthy growth and help the plant bear the weight of its own produce. You can find even more plant supports in our full grow your own fruit and vegetables range.

  • What's the difference between a lattice and a trellis?

    While they can appear to be similar structures, there are a few key differences between a lattice and a trellis. A lattice is a heavy-duty structure that is formed by crossing wooden strips over each other – the pattern that forms is perfect for privacy which is why lattices are often used as fencing solutions.

    On the other hand, a trellis is typically a lightweight structure that doesn’t necessarily come in lattice form. The gaps between any crossing wooden strips are usually large enough to accommodate the growth of climbing plants.

  • What can you grow on a trellis?

    Any plant that can be described as a ‘climbing plant’ or that grows vertically can benefit from a trellis. What you grow on your trellis will largely depend on the type of garden that you’re cultivating.

    For those looking to beautify their garden with flourishing climbing plants, you can grow a huge variety of flowering vines and trellis plants including some of our favourites:

    If you have a practical garden with a vegetable or fruit plot, trellis can act as a plant support for the growth of taller plants such as:

    If you’re investing in a new trellis, don’t forget to browse our fast-growing climbing plants so you can quickly upgrade your garden’s look.