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A carefully pruned selection of natural topiary balls, standard trees, obelisks and conical plant support, and shaped bushes. We also offer a range of highly realistic artificial topiary balls, spirals, obelisks, and cones all created to be weather and UV resistant.

Create the classic English garden look with these ornate feature pieces from some of the finest nurseries in Europe. If you're not a fan of pruning, or simply haven't got time to trim bushes into shape, try our fine quality artificial options for a no-fuss option that is sure to fool the neighbours.

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Topiary FAQs

  • What plants are good for topiary?

    As topiary is used to create striking focal points of your outdoor area, you don’t want plants that will shed come autumn. Choose evergreen plants for a permanent feature in your garden regardless of the season.

    Seasonal plants can also provide a brilliant burst of colour as the plant changes colour during the seasons. Plants with dense foliage can give the best aesthetic due to their thicker and bold shapes.

  • How do you prune topiary?

    With a sharp pair of hedge shears that will cut branches rather than crush them, you should start cutting back longer shoots while keeping your blades parallel with the growth of the plant so you don't disturb the shape.

    Remove any cuttings as you go. Use secateurs for thick parts of the plant. Wearing gardening gloves, run your hands through the branches to find any stray branches you missed so you can have the sharpest shape possible.

  • How often should I trim my topiary?

    Just by looking at your tree, you should be able to tell when it is losing its shape and needs a trim. This can happen much more frequently in the growing season and may need trimming as much as once every few weeks, whereas others may need pruning only once a year. This will depend on which plant you have.

  • Does the topiary need full sun?

    Your topiary plant should be placed outside with several hours of direct sunlight each day – if it is stuck in shade for the majority of the day, like a lot of plants, it could defoliate or die.