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Courgette Plants

Courgette Plants

Courgettes are a simple vegetable to grow from the comfort of your own garden. Our range of courgette plants give you plenty of varieties to choose from and are ready to plant in the ground when the time is right.

Requiring little care and yielding within 8 to 10 weeks, courgette plants are a great place to start when considering growing your own veg.

Discover even more must-have vegetable plants for a home-grown vegetable plot here at Primrose. 

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  • How Much Space Does A Courgette Plant Need?

    Courgette plants will do best in gardens with plenty of room for vegetable beds. They take up quite a bit of space, needing around 3ft between each plant. 

    One solution for smaller gardens without sprawling garden beds could be to grow your courgettes in growing bags or large containers.

  • What Month Do You Plant Courgettes?

    Courgette seeds are quite hardy on account of their large size and flat shape. You should aim to sow them quite late in the season – pot them on a windowsill or in a greenhouse in May, or late April at the earliest.

    Courgette seedlings and plants can be planted straight into the soil any time from mid-May providing it has a minimum of two large leaves – mind the gentle stem!

  • How Long Does It Take For Courgettes To Grow?

    Courgette plants are quite easy to grow as they only need watering approximately once a week while they are established. They produce vegetables quickly – you can expect the first courgettes to be ready to harvest after approximately 8 weeks. 

    To discover more quick-growing veg, browse our full range of vegetable plants here at Primrose and create a functional garden you can take straight to the kitchen.