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Squash Plants

Squash Plants

Squash produce makes for delicious soups and roasts from late summer through to autumn. In our collection of squash plants, you’ll find both summer and winter squash varieties ready to plant and harvest.

We offer a wide range of squash varieties, but you can discover even more vegetable plants in our full collection here at Primrose for a practical garden you can take straight to the kitchen.

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  • How Long Does It Take To Grow Squash?

    Most varieties of squash don’t take long to grow compared to other plants. On average, summer squash will be ready to harvest approximately 60 days after you plant it. Winter squash will take a little longer and be ready to harvest after around 80 to 110 days after planting.

    You should be able to yield around three to four squash fruits per plant, meaning you can quickly grow as much squash as you need.

  • What Month Do You Plant Squash?

    Squash of all kinds grows best in the warm. Sow your squash seeds in April to May when the soil has warmed up so the seeds don’t have a chance to rot before they sprout. If you can’t wait for the last frost date of the year, you can sow squash seeds 2-4 weeks early in a greenhouse.

    Summer squash will then be ready in July-August while your winter squash will be ready to harvest in September-October. 

  • Summer Squash vs Winter Squash

    Squash tends to be divided into two seasons: summer and winter. Summer squash varieties include produce such as courgette, while winter squash includes pumpkins and butternut squashes. Winter squash is slower growing but tends to be more popular, especially with those that love to make autumn soups. Discover even more delicious vegetable plants here at Primrose.