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Winter Interest Plants

 Winter Interest Plants

Winter interest plants can be divided into four categories; Winter Flowering Plants, Trees with Attractive Bark, Trees with Winter Berries and Evergreen plants.

Winter flowering plants are few and far between, but they make impressive specimens, and they do provide value to wildlife. 

Birch typifies the classic winter interest plant, but there are many other species with fantastic bark and stems. Willow and Dogwood both contain species with colourful stems, and are ideal for small spaces. 

For long lasting berries, both Crabapple and Rowan trees' fruits last well into winter, but only Holly's fruits that will persist through the entire season.

Evergreen plants provide year round structure to the garden, and conifers come into their own with tasteful hues of blue and green and twisting or classically upright habits.

Your Questions Answered

Winter bedding plants are a great tool for keeping your garden colourful through the chilly months. From Violas to Cyclamen, we have hand-picked our favourite winter-flowering bedding plants.

For many gardeners winter can be a struggle, as very little might seem to grow and there may not be much to do either! Why not get some winter gardening ideas here?

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  1. Sorbus commixta 'Embley' | Japanese Rowan Tree
    Sorbus commixta 'Embley' | Japanese Rowan Tree
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