Pond in a Pot, by Primrose

These stunning Pond in a Pot kits come with everything you need to set up a small pond in your garden, on your patio or even on a balcony.

With a choice between several distinct plant collections designed by award winning pond plant specialist Anglo Aquatic, these sets are available with a planter and all the accessories you need to get going.

Setting up a Pond in a Pot couldn't be simpler with these exclusive kits, available only at Primrose.

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Caroline Everett, Anglo Aquatic
Here at Primrose, we're committed to making sure that you can get the most out of your garden, no matter what size it is or how green fingered you are. Our unique Pond in a Pot™ range is a perfect example, making it quick, easy and simple to set up a beautiful pond without sacrificing space or quality. Beautiful flowers in your Pond in a Pot

We've also saved you time and fuss by selling our Pond in a Pot kits with a choice of aquatic plant collections which have been specially chosen to grow well together with complimentary colours and shapes. Following close collaboration with the Anglo Aquatic team, we are proud to present several plant collections that work particularly well with the Pond in a Pot range and are exclusive to Primrose. Anglo Aquatic's extensive knowledge of pond plants has helped us to ensure that we only use the best for our Pond in a Pot collections. The plants in your pond kit have been chosen especially for their remarkably high quality - some of them even winning the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. This means that your plants are very reliable, with stable colours and forms, and have a higher than normal resistance to pests and diseases.

How can Pond in a Pot™ bring more wildlife to my garden?

Any pond, no matter its size, is fantastic for creating a haven for wildlife in your garden. A fresh and reliable source of water is essential for the wellbeing of wild birds and animals, and a pond can also provide food and a home for many of our wild friends. Birds will flock to your pond to drink and bathe, and the pond insects which dance over its surface (such as mayflies, pond skaters and dragonflies) become an all-you-can-eat buffet for our birdy buddies.

Garden ponds can be colonised naturally, so you don't necessarily have to worry about populating it yourself: Simply set up your pond and wildlife will come. Bugs, birds, amphibians and snails are all attracted to bodies of water and your Pond in a Pot will be teeming with life in no time. If you want to give your pond a head start, why not include some Ramshorn snails in your order, which will consume some of the algae on the side of your pond helping to keep it clean and clear.

Our Wildlife Friendly Pond in a Pot has been specially designed to attract bees and other pollinators by featuring plants which provide nectar. All of the plants in the Wildlife Friendly collection have been featured in the RHS "Perfect for Pollinators" list, which has been specially crafted to help everyone get their gardens buzzing by providing a habitat in which bees can thrive. Bees are important for any garden, big or small. Aside from more obvious benefits, such as honey (which has antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties many people don't know about), bees pollinate many vegetables from cabbages to onions, and overall are responsible for pollinating around 40% of the food that we eat. Unfortunately, bees are coming more and more under threat these days, thanks to current agricultural monoculture practices and other causes we've yet to discover. Bees often do not live beyond a single week, and that's where they need our help.
Tudor Rose Award RHS Gold Award RHS Silver Award RHS Bronze Award

Anglo Aquatic is recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society for its award-winning plants
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