Pop Up Polyhouse 1.25m wide

Code: GH1708
Pop Up Polyhouse 1.25m wide
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Pop Up Polyhouse 1.25m wide
A next generation home greenhouse for your fruit and veg. Heavy duty polythene is built around a spring steel frame that assembles in minutes. Utalising Pop-Up technology this advanced polythene house system can be used for warming, ripening and protecting your fruit and vegetables; ideal for growing peppers, chillies, cucumbers and smaller tomato plants. Light, flexible and strong, our poly houses can be moved around the garden with ease, allowing you to take full advantage of sun and shade. The domed roof ensures rain dispersal, meaning the poly house retains shape and stability in all conditions. A large zipped entrance regulates heat and humidity and gives easy access to crops.


  • 1.25m wide x 1.25 long x 1.35m tall heavy duty, pop-up, polythenehouse
  • Self-assembling frame creates an instant cage with no tools needed
  • Ultra-clear high grade UPVC poly cover with UV protection
  • Large zipped entrance for ventilation control and easy access to crops
  • Domed roof system allows rain water run-off and keeps cage sturdy in bad weather
  • Comes with storage bag and securing ground pegs


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