Potato Store

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Potato Store
Potato Store

Potatoes are a hard-wearing vegetable, but sometimes you crop more than you can store in the kitchen cupboards. This handy potato store is just what you need for keeping them in plain view, yet still stored safely away to last you through the season.


  • Design ensures oldest potatoes are eaten first
  • Easy and attractive storage solution
  • Slatted sides for good air flow for your potatoes
  • Traditional method of preserving potatoes which has carried on for years

This beautiful potato store is in the traditional style of preserving racks, which have been used for centuries. However, this has a little extra design feature - an opening at the bottom, which enables you to take the oldest potatoes first, whilst moving the newer ones towards the bottom each time. The slatted sides provide air flow to prevent rot, and the two separate sides mean you don't have to just use this for potatoes. Potatoes are best stored in cool, dark places such as the shed or the garage. In this potato store, your harvest should last you through the winter. Of course, not limited to potatoes, it can also be used for vegetables and fruits of many kinds.


Height 40cm (1ft 3¾in) x Width 60cm (1ft 11½in) x Depth 40cm (1ft 3¾in)
Tray sticks out an extra 8cm (3¼in) at the bottom

Weight 9kg


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