Powermax 7500LPH Filter Pump

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Powermax 7500LPH Filter Pump
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Powermax 7500LPH Filter Pump
Cable Length1000 cm( 32 ft 9 in )
Pump power7500 LPH
Pump Wattage95 W
Height18 cm( 7.1 in )
Width15 cm( 5.9 in )
Length28 cm( 11.0 in )
Powermax 7500LPH Filter Pump

A powerful pump with high energy efficiency. This pump will keep your pond clean by using only 95 watts to process 7500 litres of water per hour.


  • Low electricity consumption
  • Asynchrome motor system - guarantees very quiet yet high performance
  • Adjustable feet allows pump to be levelled
  • Thermal Protection System prevents overheating
  • Filters particles of up to 8mm in diameter
  • Universal hose nipple - fits hoses of various diameters
  • Perfect for external pond use
  • Low maintenance inlet system
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Ceramic shaft for less friction and greater efficiency
  • Click-on system for easy opening
The pump constantly supplies ponds or water features with running water and filters the water at the same time. The filter will handle solid particles of up to 8mm in diameter, such as plant remains, small stones and fish waste. The pump is run by an asynchrome motor system, which is specially designed to maximize performance using low electricity consumption. Featuring a universal hose nipple, the pump can be combined with various hoses.

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Length: 28cm (11") x Width: 15cm (5.9") x Height 18cm (7.1")
Supplied with 10m (32' 9") long cable

Ribbed water
feature hose
Hose clamps
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£0.75 £1.25

Max Performance
(lph at 0cm)
Max Delivery Head
Power Consumption
Hose Tails
(mm / ins)
8180 270 95 40mm (1 1/2"), 32mm (1 1/4"), 25mm (1"), 19mm(3/4")


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