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Premium Buxus Instant Hedge 60x50cm 'Buxus Sempervirens'

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Available to order from 30/12/2021

Premium Buxus Instant Hedge 60x50cm 'Buxus Sempervirens'


Always dreamt of that picture-perfect, English country manor box hedge with dense lush green foliage tightly clipped into the perfect topiaried shape? Perhaps used to separate your rose garden from the bowling green? Maybe even to line the the central pathway to the east wing thus preventing the Corgis from straying off track when taking them back to their quarters? Well, dream no longer! (about the hedge).


With the innovation of our premium instant buxus hedge you can have your dream hedge in a matter of days. Skip the years of clipping, training, feeding, watering...waiting.. for the box to slowly grow. Our experts in Belgium produce the finest buxus money can buy.


Your instant buxus hedge will arrive in a large plastic trough perfect for placing on patios or you can remove the buxus and plant straight into the ground. Buxus will tolerate most well draining soils but it will need watering in for the first year.



  • Arrives in: Plastic Container
  • Size on arrival: 60x50cm
  • Foliage Colour: Glossy Green
  • Approx. Untrimmed Growth Height: 200cm
  • Tolerance: Frost tolerant, fairly drought tolerant once established
  • Growing Habit: Bushy
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Exposure: Exposed, sheltered
  • Rate of Growth: Slow
  • Scented: No
  • Wildlife friendly - attracts bees and other pollinating insects, provides shelter for birds
  • Light Requirements: Partial Shade, Full Shade
  • Soil Requirements: Any soil type
  • Moisture: Moist, well-drained, moderately fertile

Buxus Sempervirens

Buxus sempervirens, or “Box Hedging” as it is sometimes referred to is a classic evergreen hedging, perfect for low, formal hedges, borders and topiary. This dense hedge with its small, round leaves has been a key feature in British gardens for many years and its popularity is aided by its ability to grow in almost all soils. Buxus can easily be kept tidy and tightly clipped, making it ideal for ornamental gardening without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Instant Impact

This hedge will provide instant impact in your garden. It has been well-maintained and manicured to ensure that it is in top condition when you receive it. As it is a mature plant it will be ready to use as soon as you buy it. Just place it wherever you like in your garden and instantly enjoy the benefits.


There are many differnt uses for this hardy hedge. It can be planted straight into the ground in your garden and provide instant shelter and screening. It will also thrive if put in a planter and can be placed in different areas of your garden or patio to create different effects in your garden.

More Information
Deciduous Or Evergreen Evergreen
Size 0.5m-1m
Common Name Box
Flowering Month October
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Species Box Hedging
Type Box
Eventual Height 2m-4m
Foliage Colour Green
Annual Rate Of Growth 0.5m
Shape Topiary Hedges
Type Hedging Plants
Material Buxus
Latin Name Buxus