Best prices - Guaranteed!

Best Price Guarantee - we just won't be beaten on price.

If we are beaten on price, we'll give you at least 10 off any other item!
We love our reputation for having "The Biggest Range at the Best Prices".
To keep our great reputation, we check prices all the time - (often every day).

Our Price Promise:
If you see a cheaper price elsewhere (including up to 7 days after placing your order with Primrose),
1) we'll match the price
2) we'll also give you at least 10 off any other item

And if your price-match purchase is more than 100, we'll give you 10% of that price to spend on any other item. Let's say that we're selling product X for 205, and you see it somewhere else (pretty unlikely!) for 200, we'll match the price and we'll also give you 20 (10% of 200), which you can spend on anything else from Primrose, either at the same time or at any time up to 100 days following the date of the price-matched order.

The usual conditions apply - the competitor's product must be in stock in the UK and the price must include delivery to your location as fast as we'll deliver it. We may limit the quantities of price-matched items sold to one customer.