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Primrose 'Candy Vanilla' | 10.5cm Pot

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A delightful Primula plant sporting pastel yellow blooms...reminiscent of springtime!

Widely recognised as the Primrose plant, Primulas will always make a reliable choice for novice gardeners. With some varieties flowering as early as January, it is understandable why the name 'Primula' was selected. Deriving from the Latin term 'Primus', which translates to 'first', Primulas are the perfect plants for ringing in the gradual onset of spring. Aside from offering valued winter interest, Primulas are highly versatile; they will offer a dazzling display when planted en masse, or amongst spring flowering bulbs, and can even be grown in boggy areas. Make sure that you plant your Primula in well-drained soil that receives a moderate amount of sun, and they will reward you with beautiful blooms! Primula 'Candy Vanilla' is the perfect spring-themed plant, where it will sport delightful, pastel yellow flowers. As such, it is wonderful for making planting arrangements for Easter or Mother's Day.

    • A Springly Colour Scheme
    • Perfect for Beginner Gardeners
    • Abundant, Deep Green Foliage
    • Creamy Yellow Flowers
    Supplied As:  10.5cm pot
    Flowering Period:  SpringLevel of Care:  EasyPreferred Location:  Sun or part shadeCare Advice:  Remove spent flowers to prolong flowering

    Our bedding plants are lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, based in England. Each flourishing plant will be dispatched directly to your home.

    Please note, your potted plant may not display flowers as soon as it arrives. However, the 'flowering period' box (detailed above), indicates when you can expect flowers to form. Many of our herbaceous perennials also die back in winter, so will have little growth in spring, but grow quickly once sunlight hours improve.


    Sustainability is one of our priorities, and as such, our plants are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Aside from being recyclable, they will keep them nice and secure on their journey.

    Please note: Herbaceous perennials can die back in winter, so don't be alarmed if this happens and instead look forward to spring!

    All of our young plug plants will need to be protected from any danger of frost. Keep them in a sheltered environment whilst you pot them on ready to go outside, usually around May time. A greenhouse is perfect but a windowsill or conservatory will do fine as long as they are kept warm (16-18°C is optimal) with plenty of sunlight.

    Use a good quality balanced potting compost when planting. Slow release fertiliser is advised for best results.

    Our young plants will need to be grown on before they are ready to plant out in the garden. Your plants will take several weeks to establish and put on the growth required to be garden ready. By the time they are ready, the danger of frost should of passed and they will be ready to burst into life in your garden. Follow the simple steps below to ensure best results.

    Seedlings, 60 Cell plug packs & 4 cell Veg Plugs are best planted into bedding tray inserts or 7-9cm pots.

    Starter & Premium Plants are best planted into 9-13 cm pots or can be planted directly into baskets and containers as long as they can be protected from frost.

    1. Fill the cell trays or pots with compost and lightly firm.
    2. Use a dibber to make a hole similar to the size of the plug in the compost and place the plant into this hole the gently firm the plant into the compost. Note: the top of the compost plug should be level with the compost in the tray or pot.
    3. Water the young plants gently using a watering can fitted with a fine rose.
    4. Place the plants in a warm, light position but out of direct sun. They must be protected from frost. A temperature of 16 -20°C will encourage active growth but good light is also essential. Grow on until all danger of frost has passed and then plant out.
    More Information
    Deciduous Or Evergreen Evergreen
    Flower Colour White
    Flowering Month March, April, May
    Flowering Season Autumn/Winter/Spring
    Is Collection/Mix? No
    Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
    Type Primula
    Colour Yellow
    Eventual Height Under 0.3m
    Eventual Spread 0.3m-0.6m
    Foliage Colour Green
    Supplied As 10.5cm Pot
    Supplied As 10.5cm Pot
    Latin Name Primula
    Location Border
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