These films prevent people from seeing in.

The most popular is the Matt White (Frost) privacy film - FILM006. We offer a version of this which is also a safety film, ensuring that glass does not splinter if it breaks (FILM008).

Our patterned decorative films are also popular - they look good and work well where 100% privacy is not essential. FILM026, FILM027, and FILM028.

We also offer a solid white effect with the white opaque privacy film FILM009 (this is only suitable for clear single pane glass - see our Glass Compatibility Table for more information.

FILM006, FILM009 and FILM008 achieve day and night time privacy. In addition you can achieve daytime privacy only with our mirrored films FILM001 and FILM010.

Sold in 1m length strips with a variety of widths

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Function + -
  • Privacy
  • See out not in (mirrored)
  • Solar Glare and Heat
  • Anti UV
  • Anti shatter & safety
  • Conservatory