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"Complete waste of money as it is badly designed. There is a huge hole at the back for a small cable to go through but the water leaks out of this hole meaning that the pump doesnt actually work. Also, the pump has to have a tight fit onto the frog which means that the pump has to be suspended in mid air as it can't sit on the bottom of the feature and also reach the frog. Once the suction around the seal goes (and it went within days) the unit became completely unuseable. Finally, the solar doesnt have a battery fitted to it and will only work IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT! This means that if it is anything other than a fully sunny day with no clouds whatsoever the feature doesnt work. How many days like that do you get in the UK???? This really should have been made clearer when buying the item DONT BUY IT IT WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY"

Reviewed Monday, 24 July 2017

Rating: 1/5

"Product not suitable for Scottish weather!!!"

Reviewed Monday, 11 July 2016