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"I would give 2 to 3. I like the feature but small points let it down. A quality check might be a smart idea. It is a nice item looks good. The water pipe was damaged - split in two places but we managed to cope as there was plenty. The stainless steel has a slight dent - but we will live with that as once the water runs it can't be seen. The pump is too strong - a slightly less vigorous pump would have been better. The concrete footings are not enough to stop it falling over in high winds - it would need taking down if wind is forecast but that has been fixed with extra concrete and a lump of granite. There were no intelligible instructions- just something that had been translated from Chinese that no-one in England had made sensible. There were no assembly instructions. Delivery was excellent as was the ease of use of the web site. "

Reviewed Monday, 30 May 2011