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"The item delivered was only 69 inches wide instead of 8ft as advertised and therefore too narrow to replace the 72 inch wide hurdle which needs replacing in my fence. The process of getting it replaced has been very inefficient. I emailed Primrose twice to ask for it to be replaced but received no reply. Ended up having to phone twice to get a response. Finally I have arranged for the hurdle to be collected on Monday 20th June, but will have to wait for a replacement to be delivered separately. Can't understand why the collection and delivery is done separately. Again very inefficient. Surely it would cost less to have collections and deliveries done at the same time. "

Reviewed Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rating: 1/5

"Delivery to complete wrong address requiring me to borrow a trailer to remove them from the entrance to strangers driveway. Despite contacting primrose gardens via telephone and e.mail no apology or follow up to my complaint. Despite having already spent over £1000 with them on panels won't be doing so again. The service for items supplied over the Internet is only as good as the delivery service. Have spread the word amongst friends and neighbours with regard to follow up by this company. "

Reviewed Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rating: 1/5

"13 willow fence panels delivered to the wrong address despite 2'phone calls as this had happened last time on an order of over 200 £ . This time dumped on the driveway of farmers cottage half mile away. Had to borrow trailer from neighbour and collect myself, bought wine and chocs for farmer to compensate for aggro. Informed company..... No response! In past 2 years have spent over £1000 on willow fence panels ,look it up, but will not shop with you again. Don't worry , have spread the word . You surely know about how far the opinions of a dissatisfied customer spread. Still waiting to hear about the dumping of the willow fence panels across neighbours entrance. No doubt you will hear from me before I hear from you. Janice Moore "

Reviewed Saturday, 28 May 2011