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"The pond silt pumped into the tube but, as the plunger depressed, the weed stopped it from entering the upper chamber, so it could not be pumped out into the collection bag. The bottom chamber could only be accessed via the small non-return valve at the bottom. Solution - be able to unscrew the bottom of the tube for cleaning - some pond weed is inevitable and leaves are likely. The middle of the tube extends, so this would be a good place to have a screw joint. The handle is likely to unscrew, thus losing the plunger inside, where it was inaccessible. The original bought had separated in transit but you did replace it quickly. The pump seemed quite flimsy when pulled out, but has not broken. Generally, if it worked, the concept is good asnd useful. I could clean up some of the silt without emptying the pool and disturbing the frogs during spawning."

Reviewed Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rating: 2/5

"I would put an attachament hose on the tap so not all of the dirty water will go back into the pond. The rod on the pump is not strong enough after the second time of use, the bar bent making it weak."

Reviewed Saturday, 4 September 2010