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"Hello, I placed my order on April 10th at around 2:30 pm. Your site stated in two separate locations 2-3 days and 5 days FREE DELIVERY I attempted to reach your office during the restricted hrs and had no success. Email was not answered. Package eventually arrived on April 21st after 4pm and only a notice saying go to post office was left. Package was available to me on April 24th as wall as a bill for a further $33.00 I feel you have not met your obligations as stated on your website and cannot see my way to purchase from your company again. I have purchase several sails from you company and feel I was treated poorly on this occasion and overpaid for this item. Jim Tudhope"

Reviewed Monday, 24 April 2017

Rating: 1/5

"Very unsatisfied with this product. Virtually impossible to set up "shade" so as not to have water pool on the shade. Plan on calling Awnings USA to ask for refund as this "shade" is not meeting our expectations. Might have worked if shade was a true rectangle Shape instead of it being curved. Sorry, Papa Snow in Meredith NH"

Reviewed Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rating: 1/5

"I bought a 9.5' X 13' feet 'sail' (made by Kookaburra according to the label) because it was advertised as WATERPROOF. It arrived in a plastic bag with a sticker that said waterproof. But on installing it, under light rain, water seeps through onto my deck furniture. On closer inspection, water seems to seep through a 'join' in the fabric (a sewen join) that runs the entire length of the sail and connects two large pieces of fabric that are about 4.5'X13'. I would have thought for a waterproof product there would be no 'join' in the fabric because it would be vulnerable to leakage. Maybe I got the wrong product, not the truly waterproof one. But if I got the right product and it leaks like it does, I request my money back and I'll send the sail back to you. This is an inconvenience all around. Pls. reply asap. Paul Shaw"

Reviewed Friday, 19 September 2014