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"NOT WATERPROOF The service was pretty good, but the person I spoke to regarding the 3 x 4m waterproof canopy, did not know the product well enough to answer my basic question, which was, is it actually waterproof. I asked this question because I had previously purchased one of these canopies through Amazon, for a lot less money, it unfortunately turned out to be “NOT waterproof” The canopy that I had received from Amazon had apparently been sent via amazon by Primrose. When I took delivery of the canopy, the packaging had obviously been opened and re-sealed, this didn’t bother me as I assumed it had been ordered in error and returned. When I hung the canopy and very quickly realised after the first rain we had, that it definitely was NOT waterproof. I returned it and received a refund in full. So I ordered this new one direct from Primrose at almost double the price. Unfortunately this one is NOT waterproof either. I have given in and I am going to buy some waterproofing chemical and hope that does the job."

Reviewed Sunday, 6 May 2018

Rating: 1/5

"Installed as per manufacturers instructions, water pools on canopy and caused it to stretch & become baggy after the first use. Waste of money"

Reviewed Thursday, 6 March 2014