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Rating: 2/5

"As stated before. It has stopped working"

Reviewed Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Rating: 2/5

"First ignore the pictures showing the pump, solar panel and control box on Primrose website. The pictures, specs and sizes are almost totally wrong as well as contradicting each other. Look at the 89.99 pump and thats the control box you'll receive. The solar panel is about 30x20cm in size; not the massive one shown in their product description. The pumps dimensions are specs are smaller; the pump only has a 90cm lift height. In the end it was enough for me in the small water fountain project i was undertaking, and i obtained a partial discount for complaining about the big discrepency. Buyer beware!"

Reviewed Saturday, 23 June 2018

Rating: 2/5

"Pump was purchased because of potetial 48 inch head only achieved a max of 27 inches .Rather disappointing."

Reviewed Thursday, 13 October 2016

Rating: 2/5

"lights do not work,but I dont want them anyway"

Reviewed Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rating: 2/5

"Not very sturdy, pump is supposed to have 4 suction pads but only has 3, will not stick to pond base or brick. will have to fix onto brick with cable ties, if this does not work then I'll have to return it. Can't comment on the solar panel or fountain as not got it working yet."

Reviewed Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rating: 2/5

"Overall a good device, however the adaptor to fit fountain to pump was missing - i made one myself. Battery life seems good in this excellent sunshine we have just now."

Reviewed Monday, 8 July 2013

Rating: 2/5

"The pump I have been sent does not do what is claimed for it. I have not used the LED lights but the pump produces a fountain height of 5-6cm on full and a dribble on low power. The information about this product that Primrose publish on their site is misleading or else I have a malfunctioning pump, a problem which at the moment Primrose have not accepted."

Reviewed Wednesday, 3 July 2013