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"The product, as you well know from previous reviews, has instructions that are a complete and utter waste of time. The bowl had a light glued in that had a 18 inch cable with a female fitting on the end that will not go into the solar panel because the fittings on that are also female. There was another light with a 10 foot cable that would fit into the solar panel but meant that I had to glue that into the bowl. The pump which had the right length cable and fitting did not work. There are batteries included that nothing on the instructions indicated were rechargeable (maybe I should have worked that out). The pump still did not work but the lights were. I contacted Primrose and was told to leave it a couple of days to let it charge up. I stated that I had had it set up for two days that had been extremely sunny and that I had charged the batteries with my own charger. I phoned back after two days and was told they would deliver another one. That arrived and apart from the fact that the pump did work was exactly the same as the other. There is nothing in the instruction to indicate what the timer does or how it works. Having had it for a couple of weeks now, unless I am doing something wrong, I deduce that it only works in direct sunlight (not daylight) that the batteries do not kick in when the sun is not shining. Which means that the light only shines when the sun is out and not at night when you would expect to get the benefit. I believe that you just buy this product in from the far east and ship it out. Someone there needs to set this up and then print out proper instructions to be sent with the product. If I am doing something wrong, then I would expect someone there to be able to advise me"

Reviewed Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Rating: 2/5

"Looks good but because there are no instructions we are not yet satisfied with the performance, and will have to ring again to see if customer services are more helpful this time"

Reviewed Sunday, 12 May 2013