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Rating: 2/5

". web page selling page lists size of tree-130-150 cm. received tree 77 cm with some buds but no branches. All compost fell away when planted, no solid root system. I do not know whether it's alive or not. keeping fingers crossed. very disappointed."

Reviewed Thursday, 6 April 2017

Rating: 2/5

"Very disappointed in the size of the tree. The advertised height and picture of what the tree would look like bore no resemblance to what was delivered. The tree was supposed to be 3 years old, It had only one stem (trunk?) with a few buds on. Although I have kept the tree I ended up buying a second Tree from a local garden centre that was twice the size, with branches and looked soooo much healthier! Very disappointed. I ordered from Primrose because of living in the colder north I hoped to get a more developed tree. Proved to be not the case. Lesson learned - buy local.."

Reviewed Monday, 20 March 2017