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"Initially really please with apple store but having just been done to it in the cellar the door has expanded and cannot be opened! With brut force this has been achieved but now cannot be closed! Would have thought this would have been taken into consideration as apples need to be stored in cool, humid conditions, how have to paid someone to adjust door for me - really not impressed and very dissapointed."

Reviewed Saturday, 30 September 2017

Rating: 1/5

"It is a very good concept which works well. The quality is very poor however. I have had two - the first didnít leave the box because of defective legs, and the second had a crack in the side where the hinge was attached and the top had come off. I moved the hinge and reattached the top so kept it and it now works. It is effectively 12 shelves because the one near the supporting Baton is too close to put in more than tiny apples. It is a very good idea though."

Reviewed Tuesday, 26 September 2017