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"Firstly I cut my hand putting this together, there were sharp edges and needle sharp fibres on the base. It looks pretty good though not like metal. The lower basin is simply not wide enough to collect the water. It all sprinkles outside of the bowl - though it does do a good job of watering the plants all around it. When filled I find it works for about an hour before all the water has gone. It does come with different sprinkler heads but I tried them all and they were much the same. There is one head which simply bubbles the water out for it to drop through the four grooves in the rim but try as I might I could not get the water to drop evenly, it would only drop through one or two of the grooves - that didnít look good at all. Overall the item is pleasantly decorous, it works for short periods before needing to be topped up. Iíve only seen one bird use it so far but the foxes have used it as a toilet on two occasions which is rather bizarre."

Reviewed Saturday, 15 September 2018