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Rating: 1/5

"Poor quality panel. Had to have a replacement which wasn't much better than the previous one."

Reviewed Monday, 30 April 2018

Rating: 1/5

"One of the hurdles was quite badly damaged but to send it back was too much of a hassle so I accepted it.One hurdle was also a different colour from the others so this shipment was very unsatisfactory and I may have to think again before I order anything else from Primrose."

Reviewed Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Rating: 1/5

"The bunch weave willow panels are very sub-standard compared to the batch I ordered at a similar time last year. Wonky, full of gaps and not very well designed. I would have sent them back but your insistence on using a courier service who still seem unable to follow instructions (request Fri delivery but turns up Thurs? How does that work?) meant I didn't want to push my luck and arrange replacements. 12 months ago the same delivery company managed to insult my neighbours and leave my panels half way down the road... Sorry Primrose. I had high hopes but I can only say I'm just glad to get the job finished."

Reviewed Friday, 20 May 2011

Rating: 1/5

"Ordered 7 willow panels excellent quality Ordered another 2 panels different colour to original panels. Ordered another 5 Panels requested that they were the same as the 1st 7. 3 of the panels were same as 1st delivery 1panel slightly damaged and 1 panel totally scuffed up all over. I did not want to put poor rating but as I have paid a lot of money for these panels and 3 lots of delivery for panels that are £50+ each they should have been protected. I will not be ordering any more"

Reviewed Wednesday, 30 March 2011