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"DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! This pump is a waste of money (50!). It will only pump water if there is strong, direct sunlight shining on the solar panel. Even if you take the solar panel on holiday with you and lie it next to you on the beach for 2 weeks in the sun it will store exactly zero charge! If a whisper of cloud moves across the sky or someone even walks in front of it creating a shadow it will stop instantly! Even if the sun is out all day in clear blue skies the power lead is only 3m long so the chances are you won't be able to place the solar panel in the light as the sun moves round the garden as the lead won't stretch. In fairness they do state that this product only works in full sun but they do not make it clear that it doesn't store any power whatsoever. I read this information under the assumption that it only stored power in full sun. Even the cheapest of solar products these days store power from the sun or even from cloudy days. This shouldn't be sold in this country as it is next to useless. The way it doesn't work at all in cloudy weather (i.e. 99% of the time in England) is just not funny. The way it turns on and off on a sunny day would be funny if it hadn't cost 50. I feel completely ripped off!"

Reviewed Sunday, 17 April 2016

Rating: 1/5

"Doesn't work. It is a waste of money."

Reviewed Monday, 25 August 2014