Pro-Grow Peat-free Woodchip - 1m3 Bulk Bag

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Pro-Grow Peat-free Woodchip - 1m3 Bulk Bag

Pro-Grow Peat-free Woodchip - 1m3 Bulk Bag

Can be used all over the garden for mulching around trees and shrubs and around plants in border areas and flower beds. Helps to protect plant roots, suppress weeds, and aid moisture retention. It also breaks down over time to gradually release plant nutrients and improve soil structure.

Cover your bed or border at a thickness of at least 5cm taking care not to smother low growing plants. Suitable for Garden beds & borders & Pathways. For best results, apply in the Spring or Autumn when the soil is moist, and after removing weeds. Replace once the mulch has fully degraded.


  • 5-35mm
  • Coverage 57m2
  • 100% Peat Free

This product should be kept in a dry and cool place covered from wind-blown weeds and other contaminants. If stored for longer than 6 months the product quality may change due to natural processes.

PLEASE NOTE: Bulky bags are transported on a pallet and delivered to your door by a 7.5 tonnes or 18 tonnes lorry. The pallets are unloaded from the lorry using a pallet trolley. If you are purchasing Pro-Grow bulky bags you will need good access for these vehicles and please be aware that the pallet trolley cannot travel across un-even surfaces (e.g. gravel). We will try our best to put the bag where you need it but WE MAY ONLY BE ABLE TO DELIVER IT TO THE KERBSIDE.

Bulky bags are delivered within 5 - 7 working days between 9am to 6pm. If you live in a countryside lane please mention in the field named 'delivery instructions'. Also please inform if you require a small 7.5t lorry to deliver your goods (dimensions of a 7.5t vehicle are: full length 30 feet x Width 7.5 feet x Height is variable up to 13 feet).


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