Raised Beds, Grow Beds and Raised Vegetable Beds

Raised grow beds are an essential part of any gardener’s garden. Our raised beds come in many different shapes and sizes, from planter tables to the more traditional square beds, so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. Depending on size, raised beds can be used to plant everything from small trees and shrubs to vegetables and soft fruits, not to mention flowers and herbs.

Why buy a raised bed?

Having a raised bed can allow for more planting, as the increased depth means more good quality, aerated soil for your plants. The physical barrier means you’ll have fewer weeds from the surrounding area creeping into your nutritious fresh soil, and some pests, such as Carrot Fly, are less likely to find their dinner. Improved drainage to your plants can be a pro or a con, depending on what you’re growing. With difficult clay soil or waterlogged areas, a raised bed can be a lifesaver, but warmer weather requires extra watering. They are also a great way to separate your plants from the rest of the garden. Whether you want to protect your plants from pests, pets, children (or just the lawnmower!), a raised bed gets far less traffic and so has less compacted and better structured soil for seedlings.

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