Rat Killer Paste Sachets 15 x 10g - Compatable with Racan Force Rat Killer Station - Racan Force

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Rat Killer Paste Sachets 15 x 10g - Compatable with Racan Force Rat Killer Station - Racan Force
15 x Racan Force paste sachets formulated with single feed technology and delivering a lethal dose in one feed. The pack contains enough bait to control over 40 rats! Each sachet is packed with hazelnut attractants to lure rats to the bait quickly and once eaten death occurs very quickly. Sachets to be used in the RACAN Force bait station. Rats only need a single feed to hit their lethal dose. Control of an infestation can occur within days of bait take. This pioneering single feed active technology is specifically designed by the Racan professional team to ensure users have the fastest, most lethal rodent control bait on the UK market.

Important: Always read the label. Always wear gloves when handling bait. If any rodenticide is ingested or you have any concerns, seek medical advice immediately and follow the first aid instruction on the product label.

  • Formulated with single feed technology
  • Fastest working active for rat control in the UK
  • Stronger than difenacoum
  • Excellent against the brown rat and mice
  • Extremely toxic anti-coagulant to all mammals and therefore is essential that it is kept locked away from non-target animals - Bait boxes are essential.
What's in the Box?
  • 15 x 10g Paste Sachets

Racan Say:

With the restrictive changes brought in on active concentration, we thought it was sensible to give amateurs the opportunity to use single feed baits if they wish. Brodifacoum offers an excellent level of activity against the brown rat, being a significantly stronger anticoagulant active than difenacoum. This therefore is the active of choice in our singe-feed anticoagulant RACAN ‘FORCE’ range. A rat will reach a lethal dose from one standard feed of this poison and so the results are seen very quickly. It is essential that all baits are well protected from non-target animals and the best way to achieve this is by placing the baits in an approved bait box.

Optional Extras
  • Rat Killer Station with 6 x 10g Paste Sachets - Racan Force
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  • W34cm Humane Rat Bait Station
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  • The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station
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  • Procter Pest-Stop Rat Bait Station
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