Real Christmas Wreath | Noble fir | 12 Inch

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Real Christmas Wreath | Noble fir | 12 Inch

Embrace the festive spirit with this sophisticated and aromatic Christmas wreath...

Handmade by our trusted nursery, this Christmas wreath is made from premium Noble Fir which has been grown at their Scottish site. Northern Scotland offers the optimal climate for growing Noble Firs, and from these conditions, your wreath will boast thick, bushy foliage in a gorgeous, forest green shade. Dressed by highly experienced staff, your wreath will be ornamented with dried orange and cinnamon decorations, and finished off by classic pinecones with a beautiful silver tint. Aside from offering a long-lasting display, yourself and loved ones can appreciate a delightful scent reminiscent of Christmas, helping set that festive spirit. Perfect for all homes, this wreath can be used as a standalone accent to your front door, but will also make a thoughtful housewarming present.

Tree Information

Size 12 inches (30cm)
Foliage Colour Deep green
Decorations Dried orange and cinnamon, pinecones
Watering Requirements Mist frequently


Grown in Northern ScotlandYour tree has been lovingly grown in Northern Scotland, which offers the perfect climate for growing flourishing Noble firs.
Festive and Fragrant Decorations
Richly-Coloured Foliage
A Long-Lasting Display

Care Tip

Mist your wreath's foliage to keep it healthy...
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Lovingly Handmade...

Highly skilled, our nursery's staff will remove the fluffy outer branches from the Noble fir to make little bunches of foliage. After this, the foliage will be attached to a wreath frame, with each bunch being carefully overlapped and intertwined with another to make a beautifully full wreath.

After this, your wreath will be taken to the 'dressing room'! Here, your wreath will be ornamented with beautiful accessories to create a quintessentially festive look.

Once finished, your wreath will be taken back to the cooled warehouse and organised into their orders. They will then be loaded into temperature-controlled lorries, where they will later arrive in perfect condition to your home.

How to Keep Your Wreath Happy

Having been cut from a hardy tree Noble fir, your wreath will not require much maintenance. All we advise is that you:

- Mist to keep the foliage rich in moisture (you can use the same mist you would use for a house plant).

- Keep your wreath away from direct heat (e.g a radiator), as this can encourage needles to drop.

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