Reservoirs & Sumps

A reservoire or pebble pool is a container at the bottom of a water feature that stores water, houses the pump and catches the water as it falls back down again from the top of the feature.

Do I need a reservoir?
Many of our water features come with a reservoir. If you've found the feature that you're interested in, just check the description - there should be a clear explanation of whether reservoir is required. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you're not sure. If you do need a reservoir, see below for a comprehensive choice of reservoirs and explanation of how they work.

A 'self-contained' reservoir describes a system where the reservoire is cleverly incorporated into the design of the water feature. The reservoir for a 'wall fountain' will be the bowl at the base. Almost all indoor water features will be self-contained. Again, this will be in the product description on each product page.


How do I choose the correct reservoir?
The reservoir must be large enough to contain sufficient water, and have a 'catching' area large enough to prevent water splashing out of the feature. The reservoir may need topping up occasionally as water is lost due to evaporation. The effect of wind needs to be taken into account when choosing a reservoir size for outdoor use.
Reservoirs are also known as 'pebble pools', 'sumps' or 'the bucket at the bottom'.


Your garden pond as a reservoir
Use your garden pond as a ready-made reservoir - the pump goes in the pond. You can then create a 'fountain spray' in which the pump pushes the water straight up into the air as seen in Trafalgar Square, to fall back into the pond. Alternatively, choose a suitable waterfeature from our wide range click here.


Underground/Hidden Reservoirs
Usually a plastic reservoir that sits in a hole in the ground, the reservoir will have a 'lid' with three functions:
1) support the feature that sits on top
2) support the attractive pebbles, gravel or slate chippings placed on top to hide the lid but allow the water to trickle through
3) have holes to allow the water to pass back into the reservoir.
These reservoirs are not usually appropriate or desirable for indoor water features.


Above ground separate reservoirs
An attractive bowl that can be purchased separately - often made from stainless steel available in several shapes and sizes. Place on the ground, indoors or outdoors, the water feature sits in the middle. If you are using a mains powered pump, you will want to think about where the power cable will go, and also account for the splashing of the water feature when choosing your pool size.


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