Reusable Tamperproof Mouse Killer Station with 8 x 10g Bait Refills - Racan Rapid

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Reusable Tamperproof Mouse Killer Station with 8 x 10g Bait Refills - Racan Rapid
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Reusable Tamperproof Mouse Killer Station with 8 x 10g Bait Refills - Racan Rapid
This new easy to use mouse control kit with a reusable, tamperproof mouse bait station and 8x refill sachets allows the user to refill their mouse station as and when they need to. A key attached to the side of the station allows the user to open and place the refill sachet of paste into the corner and secure by firmly closing the lid. Simply place the bait station where there are signs of mouse activity and the mice will be lured to the station by the hazelnut attractants within the bait. Each sacthet can control up to 50 mice and control can occur within minuted of bait take. Racan Rapid's advanced breakthrough technology ensures mice hit lethal dose from as little as a mouthful. The effects of immobilisation are almost immediate sending mice into a peaceful sleep before they die. The range of products is formulated with the active in alphachloralose which is unlike widely used anticoagulant baits that can take days before any control is seen. Previously only used by professional pest control companies but now available for domestic use. Contains 4% Alphachloralose

Important: Always read the label. Always wear gloves when handling bait. If any rodenticide is ingested or you have any concerns, seek medical advice immediately and follow the first aid instruction on the product label.

  • Fomulated with poneering technology
  • Puts mice to sleep before they die
  • Not affected by new legislation; proven to kill mice within minutes after one bite
  • Minimal secondary toxicity issues
  • Suitable for mice only
What's in the Box?
  • Bait Station
  • 8 x 10g Bait Station Refills

Racan Say:

Within the RACAN ‘Rapid’ range we use alphachloralose which is part of the narcotic family and the most powerful mouse poison on the market. It is not affected by the new legislations as this only applies to anticoagulants. It is proven to kill mice within minutes with one bite of the product. It works by decreasing the mouse’s body temperature and sending it into a coma which it does not awake from. The active dissolves in the bloodstream and so (unlike anticoagulants) it has minimal secondary toxicity issues to non-target species. It is the speed of the onset of the active that makes it unsuitable for rats, as they feel the effect before they reach a lethal dose and therefore stop feeding. RACAN RAPID is a mouse only poison.


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