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Rodent Tracker Dust - 30g Bag

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Rodent Tracker Dust - 30g Bag

Please note: the torch is not included and can be purchased separately here.

Rats? Mice? Rodent Tracker Dust will help you find where they are coming from and where they are crawling too.

Tracker Dust combines perfectly with any of our pest control devices for small four-legged creatures. You will certainly be surprised about how active mice and rats can be during the night. The Tracker Dust will provide you with a clear path of where the mice are moving in your home and can be used to help identify the best place to set up your traps, as well as locating their nesting place.

The tracking powder sticks to the unwanted intruder's feet, which as they scurry around, leave a nearly invisible trail, the Tracker UV torch can then be used to highlight their footprints.

How to use the Tracker Dust

Sprinkle a small quantity of the luminescent powder around the area you suspect the mice to frequent; where you may have seen them, or signs of nibbling, droppings etc.

The following morning, in low light conditions, use the UV LED Torch to see how you can now follow their every action; as their footprints light up like tiny beacons.

There is no need to waste time and effort laying traps in places where the mouse will never go. Once the route that they take is highlighted you can position mousetraps or poison in the perfect location to help form an accurate and effective method of pest control.

That's how it works!

Mice and Rats can carry diseases - they leave deposits of these in their urine and droppings. Take care to clean up the area thoroughly and always use disposable gloves when handling traps or items that may have been in contact with them.

More Information
Power Source Non Electronic
Location Indoor
Pest Mouse, Rat